The European dental market in 2011 showed an increase of 1.2% in the total turnover for all countries covered by the survey.

The Association of Dental Dealers of Europe (ADDE) publishes annually the results of a survey of the European dental trade market.

The 2012 edition covers the period 2007-2011 and details the 2011 results in particular.

It reveals the major trends over the past five years of the most significant areas as well.

So it indicates the overall dynamics affecting the dental market in the 14 countries surveyed.

Key findings of the 2012 report:
• The number of active dentists slightly increased by 0.8% overall, while the number of dental laboratories went down by 1.1% and the number of dental technicians decreased by 0.9%. The total number of dental hygienists grew by 1.14% reaching a total of 24,477
• The total turnover for all countries surveyed, including sundries, equipments and technical services, increased by 1.2% with a wide variety across the countries responding
• The total sales of sundries increased by 0.9% and the technical services by 1.02% while total equipment sales decreased by 2.2%.



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