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Looking for a new job?

When it comes to finding a new job there are a lot of things to take into account. Salary is of course, an important factor, but it’s just one. There will be several other things you will want to consider such as location, job role and responsibilities, career progression, the opportunity to learn and so on.

How can Fillingz help me?

At Fillingz we take the time to find out what your future aspirations and ambitions are and only present you with opportunities which match them. We will offer you salary and career advice and help you prepare for each and every interview, help write your CV, and guide you in every possible way, ensuring you stand the best possible chance of success within the dental industry.

What kind of work can Fillingz get me?

We have an extensive list of clients and contacts within the dental profession and always have a wide range of permanent jobs on our books. We cover; private, mixed and NHS practices as well as PCT’s and therefore can be sure to find the right role and the right practice for you. So whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time permanent job, Fillingz will provide all the necessary support and back-up for you. Our consultants are passionate, resourceful and dedicated to ensuring you are given a first-class service in finding employment.

Now what do I do?

To talk to our team about pursuing a new permanent job please submit your CV using the form below or email it directly to, or pick up the phone to us for a friendly and consultative chat with no obligation, and whilst you’re looking for a new permanent job, you can also temp or locum with us too, giving you the chance to earn money and get exposure to new practices and surgeries whilst searching for the right permanent opportunity for you.

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